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Everybody has to start somewhere. Some people are born Hollywood royalty, and some people have to work to get their foot in the door to show the world. We are here to be your foot in the door, so you can shine.

We are here to help you learn acting, filmmaking, screenwriting, and even networking. If there something we can do to help you realize your Hollywood dream, we are here for you.


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Paul G Newton

Photo Courtesy of Paul G Newton

From The Feature Film "Neapolitan"

From The Feature Film “Neapolitan”

Paul is an Emmy winning Editor, Director, and Screenwriter with 12+ years of leadership experience in features, commercial, broadcast television, and independent film.

He has accumulated many awards throughout his career from National Lampoon, Stage 32, and the Associated Press.

Currently, he is the Owner, Director, and Editor of Figmeister Studios, where he also does screenwriting and teaches acting and videography.

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After an undergrad in English and Archaeology, he lived briefly in England and researched Roman Archaeology at Bristol University. Following his work at university, he packed his trowel and bounced back stateside to launch into a Master’s program at the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco.

With college behind him, he marketed merchandise for other authors: from George R.R. Martin, to Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, Robert E Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, and a slew of others. Traveling convention circuits and making connections in the literary world reignited his long-held desire to create his own stories and helped start the Arts and Entertainment Council to show other people how to realize their dreams too.